Psychedelic Tapestries

Let the inner you show with these psychedelic wall tapestries. Each one has a diverse blend and assortment of colors to add some pizzazz to your room. Get yours today and complete the masterpiece of your room.
Psychedelic Tapestries
18 results
Trippy Hippie Tapestries
Melting Skull Tapestry
Psychedelic Sun and Moon Tapestry
Astronaut and Jellyfish Tapestry
Vibrant Jellyfish Tapestry
Colorful Lion Tapestry
Psychedelic Indian Tapestry
Buddha Mandala Tapestry
Kanagawa Waves Tapestry
Trippy Tree Tapestry
Nordic Pineapple Tapestry
Colorful Skull Tapestry
Colorful Woman Tapestry
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Sunburst Tapestry
Sunburst Tapestry
From $29.99
New Dimension Tapestry
Abstract Woman Tapestry
Purple Mandala Tapestry
Trippy Ellie Tapestry
Trippy Ellie Tapestry
From $29.99