Looking for the perfect tapestry but want something a little more elegant? Then our macrame is the perfect option for you. From hand-dyed to macrame mirrors, you’ll be sure to find the perfect hanging to fit your style.
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Backdrop Macrame
Boho Macrame
Boho Macrame
Circular Macrame Mirror
Hand Dyed Macrame Dreamcatchers
Large Dipped Macrame
Tip Dyed Macrame
Macrame Banner
Decorative Macrame
Handmade Wall Macrame
Pack of 4 Hanging Plant Macrame
Hanging Shelf Macrame
Nordic Macrame
Blue Tassel Wall Macrame
Green Dipped Hanging Macrame
Macrame Wall Hang
Macrame Hanging Plant Basket
Bohemian Hand-Woven Macrame
Large Dream Catcher Macrame