Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry


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Have you ever really thought about a mandala? They’re beautiful of course. But a mandala is more than just a thing of beauty.

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word “manda” means essence or mind, and the “la” in mandala means container. So a mandala is essentially a “mind container.”

Ancient peoples believed that mandalas are contemplative tools that serve the purpose of moving between the outer and inner experience. In other words, they can be seen as a link between every person’s two different worlds. Most of all, though, Mandalas help to restore a feeling of calm and peace. The beautiful symmetry of a mandala is soothing and calming.

Our Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry will make your home feel wonderfully cozy and welcoming. When you walk into a room where the Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry is hanging, you’ll instantly feel all of the worries and cares of the outside world just fade away.

Set against a beautiful star-filled universe with traces of the Milky Way in the background, the Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry is a work of art that will look beautiful in any home.


You can use the Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry as a wall hanging, of course, and that’s what most of our customers do. However, you can also use it for various other purposes. How about as a bedspread?

You can also drape it over your ceiling so that it’s the last thing you see at night before you go to sleep and the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up. Just imagine starting and ending every single day with the peace and beauty of a mandala.

You can also use the Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry as a window covering. The light filtering through the deep blues of the tapestry will bathe your room in ambient lighting.

Wherever you hang your Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry, it will become the focal point in that room.

Tip: some customers have hung their Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry surrounded by hanging lights or fairy lights, giving it an otherworldly look and feel.


Our Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry is made of comfy, stretch, and skin-friendly premium quality polyester. The fabric is light-weight and luxurious, but extremely durable. Some customers have said it’s like nothing they’ve ever felt before.


The Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry measures 59 inches by 51 inches.


To wash your Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry, we recommend that you hand wash it separately in cold water. Hang it to dry in a shaded area so that the sun doesn’t fade the rich colors. You can also machine wash your Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry in cold water on the delicate cycle.

We don’t recommend drying our Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry. Also, please don’t use bleach on this beautiful tapestry.

Your Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry may come with wrinkles, which is natural. Simply iron it on the backside with a slightly warm iron and it will be ready for hanging.


  • Size: 59” x 51”

  • Material: Polyester